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Space and Development…Increasing Access to Space in Africa

Wanna Study Space?

Posted by Simon Adebola on March 19, 2009

The study of space science and technology is open to virtually every aspect of human endeavour. Indeed space has been responsible for uniting various aspects of humanity and affects almost all fields. The core technological aspects are covered under aerospace engineering, while satellite applications are largely under telecommunications and earth observation/remote sensing. These areas are further applied in physical sciences, healthcare, meteorology, agriculture, life sciences, hydrology, geoinformatics, geology, geography, surveying, resource utilization, urban planning, global navigation systems, defence, security, disaster management, search and rescue operations, insurance, finance, law, policy, entertainment and education. As technology finds application in every area of endeavour, space technology, which lies at the cutting edge of technology, continuously generates spin-offs which are utilized to further enhance humanity.

The need therefore exists for African Nations to embrace SST as much as possible to boost the quality of our livelihood. The major requirement is the interest and the commitment. There are institutions within and outside Africa dedicated to various aspects of space studies. The International Space University with its central campus in Strasbourg, France has been responsible for the training of many African Professionals in the interdisciplinary aspects of the space sector. There are two African Regional Centres for Space Science and Technology Education in Ile-Ife, Nigeria (Anglophone) and Rabat, Morocco (Francophone). The Regional Centre for Training in Aerospace Surveys (RECTAS) is also located at Ile- Ife, Nigeria. South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Kenya have long played leading roles in SST development in Africa. Thus there exists a basic mass of qualified personnel with capability to develop a stronger base for the utilization of SST for African development.

There are other upcoming initiatives to enhance the study of space science and technology in Africa and these are already yielding fruit.

4 Responses to “Wanna Study Space?”

  1. Juxi said

    There is other options to study space science and technology, which are also cheaper than the rather steep prices of the ISU.
    There are ERASMUS Mundus Programmes sponsored by the EU, e.g. the Joint European Master in Space Science and Technology (see SpaceMaster webpage)

    • Simon Adebola said

      Thank you Juxi for the link. It is a very good option for those seeking a space Masters programme with a technology focus. It also has good options for funding to support non-EU students. Were you part of the programme or can you get someone who studied there to comment on it?

      • Juxi said

        Yeah I am a student of the SpaceMaster programme. EMail me if you have some questions.

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