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Space and Development…Increasing Access to Space in Africa

World Cup 2010 in Africa

Posted by Simon Adebola on July 1, 2010

This post is a look at how space assets can be used in the planning of urban centers that are humane, livable, and yet productive and vibrant. It is no news that many parts of the continent are increasingly becoming urbanised and there is a steady demographic shift towards more urban lifestyles with their attendant health effects.

NASA Image of Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg

The planning of urban centers needs to incorporate the presence of many factors, some of which are listed here:

1. Sports and recreational facilities to promote healthy lifestyles.
2. Industrial centers that are reasonably displaced from residential locations.
3. Effective waste treatment and management to avoid pollution of air, water, and food.
4. Transportation networks that are easy to navigate and reduce the stress of commuting.
5. A credible vision of expansion or attrition, as the case may be, to make room for change and embrace the future.

The advantage of having satellite imagery is to help provide a better view of the land, to help guide the planning and integration of requisite features for a worthwhile and enlivening urban experience.

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